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Highway & Bridges

EDMAC has good experience in the planning, design and implementation of transportation projects. The Firm’s capability and experience extends to all stages of the project including:

  • Project identification survey
  • Feasibility and pre-investment studies
  • Strategic planning, including route and model choice studies
  • Economic, environmental and technical evaluations
  • Detailed technical reports and design drawings
  • Supervision of construction and maintenance
  • Operational investigations

Specific project programming, project management and related services are also an expertise of the team at EDMAC.

Based on years of experience, EDMAC offers comprehensive solutions in the development of highways, roads & bridges. We offer superior support across the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of the project.


The recommendations are categorized as:

  • Funding sources
  • Traffic studies
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic evolution
  • Public enquiries
  • Preliminary design
  • Soil investigation
  • Pavement investigation
  • Comprehensive topographical survey
  • Public utilities co-ordination
  • Pavement design
  • Final engineering design
  • Working drawings
  • Contract documents
  • Tender documents
  • Tender assessment

Whenever necessary, these pre-contract services can be extended to include recommendations and proposals for detailed specifications, procedural rules, codes of practice and regulations covering:

  • Road geometry
  • Design criteria
  • Loading specification
  • Material specification
  • Safety standards
  • Standard construction specification
  • Procedural matters
  • Interaction with public authorities
  • Public enquiries
  • Compensation


EDMAC has a reputation for tight control and supervision of contractor’s activities while ensuring quality, economy, safety and timely completion of projects. We work in close coordination with the client on cash-flow forecasts, programs and progress of the works. Wherever necessary, EDMAC will advice the contractor on appropriate effective construction methods and procedures to the mutual benefits of contractor and client.

EDMAC has a specialist Project Management Division that not only provides services to major infrastructure projects but also gives advice and support to all other critical projects.





Our construction methodology is competent to administer and program maintenance activities both in the immediate post-construction period and subsequently. Advice management services and technical assistance are available for routine and periodic maintenance methods and procedures. Appropriate maintenance budgets and effective implementation are essential if the capital investments made previously on the provision of the highway or road network are to yield full benefit to the client and road user. The crux of rehabilitation works is to build on the current integrity of the existing road construction and structures and to minimize the nature and extent of further new additional works consistent with standards to be achieved. EDMAC is adept at all of these.


EDMAC offers extensive capability in parking design, ranging from the planning of parking at a single development to the development of the town center parking strategies. For individual developments, EDMAC advises on the appropriate level of parking to be provided, taking into account local parking standards as well as the expected intensity of use of the site and parking demand throughout the day. In conjunction with our structural engineers, where appropriate, we can produce single or multi-level car parking layouts with easy access for car and pedestrians.

In town centers, parking strategies may have to meet many objectives and constraints. Adequate accessibility is needed to support the desired level of economic activity in the area. Where land for parking is limited, there will often be a need to resolve conflicts between the demands of different groups of parkers, for example between workers (long-stay) and shoppers (short-stay); and between residents and visitors. Our work usually includes consultations with interested parties, observational and interview surveys, forecasts of future parking demand, and the development and assessment of a range of alternative parking strategies for the client’s consideration. We develop town center traffic models to access the effects on traffic congestion of different levels of parking provision, different balances between the supply of short-stay and long-stay parking, and different locations for new car parks.

Our services include the planning of park and ride schemes, including car park location and layout, and the associated public transport operation by bus or by rail. We are also adept at methods of parking control, including advice on the relative merits of different methods of charging and collecting payment. Car park signage is another area of expertise. Dynamic signage can help to make the most efficient use of available parking areas at all times of the day, as well as minimizing wasted mileage by motorists seeking a space.